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This seed mix includes iconic, Western MT wildflowers and grasses that support wildlife without requiring the water needed for a traditional lawn. Curated to create a natural look and feel while also being competitive with noxious weeds.  


There are over 15 different plant species common to the Bitterroot Valley and Western MT. 


Grass species include:

  • Bluebunch Wheatgrass
  • Idaho fescue
  • Prairie Junegrass


Wildflower species include:

  • Arrowleaf Baslsamroot
  • Silky Lupine
  • Blanketflower
  • Wild Bergamot


...and so many more!


*full species list included with purchase*


Square foot coverage: 

1/4 lb bag = 800 sqft
1/2 lb bag = 1600 sqft
1lb bag  = 3200 sqft
5 lb bag = 16000 sqft

Western Montana Meadow Mix (seed)

1 Pound
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