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Thank you for the opportunity to work with you! 
Please email our team if you have any additional questions or would like to discuss a bid or contract grow. 

Order minimums:
  • $250 minimum order value before shipping. Orders less than $250 are subject to an additional handling fee of 5%

  • minimum of 10 per species per size


Thanks for considering Great Bear as your source for high quality native plants and seed!

Private businesses, government agencies, municipalities and non-profits are eligible for wholesale accounts. 

How to start an account:

  1. Visit our Online Availability

  2. Click "Log In or Sign Up" in the upper right hand corner of the screen

  3. Select "New User? Click here to sign up!"

New customers are added manually by our staff so please excuse any delay especially after hours or on the weekend. Don't worry - we do our best to get new customers added quickly!

Is this process not working for you? You can also fill out this form and email it to 


Plants don't always abide by our plans, which can lead to potential last-minute changes to orders. In light of this reality, we invoice at time of shipping via email. Some exceptions apply. 

A deposit is required for all orders greater than $1,500 (before shipping) unless previously arranged with your salesperson.

We accept:

  • Check

  • ACH

  • Credit & debit card payments through a secure credit card link. All card payments for $500 or more are subject to a 4% credit card processing fee and will be reflected as a line item on your order.


We understand each project and client has a unique set of needs. Our team will work with you to find the best time and method to get your plants to you. 

We are expert shippers and routinely ship via:

  • UPS - this is only an option for our 7ci, 10 and 40ci "cone-tainers"

  • In-house delivery via truck and covered trailer

  • LTL

  • Full semi and/or refrigerated truck

We also offer free nursery pick ups. 


Minimum quantity per order:

  • $250 minimum order value before shipping. Orders less than $250 are subject to an additional handling fee of 5%

  • Customers must order at least 10 per size, per species - this order minimum applies to all sizes that Great Bear produces (7ci, 10ci, Quarts, # 1s, D40s and D60s). 



7ci - 1.5in diameter and 5.5in depth; they are ideal for pot-ups into QTs and #1’s and are also great for larger outplantings, such as pollinator meadows. 

10ci - 1.5in diameter and 8.25in depth; they are perfect for pot-ups into #1’s and #2’s and larger outplantings or the edges of landscapes. 


D40 - 2.7in diameter and 10in depth; suitable for restoration/reclamation plantings, potting into #3’s-#5’s, field growing, and other landscaping applications

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