updated 3/16/20


In order to keep costs low and reduce our impact, we reuse many of our containers and trays. It is the customer's responsibility to return all items listed below to GBNP within 45 days of shipping (unless otherwise arranged with GBNP.) If you are unable to return containers and trays in a timely manner, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the items. 


Containers and corresponding trays to return: 7ci, 10ci, 16ci, 25ci, 40ci, 60ci


We will also reuse Quart, #1, #2, #3, and #5 containers and trays that are plain black and in good condition. QT trays must hold 10 pots. 


Shipping and Pick Up

We ship plants via UPS, LTL, full tractor-trailers and in-house deliveries with a covered cargo trailer. Plants can also be picked up on-site at no charge. 


       UPS - only 7ci, 10ci, 26ci, 25ci, and 40.

       Customer is responsible to file any damage claims directly with carrier


       LTL - no restrictions, all plants and sizes can be shipped via LTL.

       Customer is responsible to file any damage claims directly with carrier


       Large orders - GBNP works with multiple carriers and independent truck operators to deliver plants. 

       Customer is responsible to file any damage claims directly with carrier


       In-house deliveries - GBNP deliveries to multiple areas in the Rocky Mountain West including: Western                   Montana (Flathead to the Bitterroot), Helena, Greater Gallatin, Butte/Upper Clark Fork, Boise and Southern           Idaho, Salt Lake City; in-house deliveries may be cancelled due to weather, load size, or other unforeseen               circumstances. 


Terms and Payments

Great Bear Native Plants is a wholesale nursery serving all sectors of the restoration/reclamation and green industry. Standard terms are Net 15 from ship date. A propagation deposit may be required to secure your order. All deposits are non-refundable. 

Payment via check or ACH is preferred, credit cards are subject to a service charge. Your salesperson can assist you with all forms of payment. 


Checks can be made to:

Great Bear Native Plants, LLC

165A Blue Heron Dr

Hamilton, MT



We also work with the public in a limited capacity, payment is required at time of confirmation or at pickup. 


Late payments will be assessed a 2.5% interest fee for each month delayed. 


Your invoice will be emailed to you by your salesperson. Please provide an accurate email contact. You may also request a hard copy mailed to you. 


Plant Quality

Plants will be healthy, root-tight, have an acceptable root-to-shoot ratio and meet or exceed compliance with the 2014 American Standard for Nursery Stock. Plants may or may not be cut back. Any claim must be sent to your salesperson in email or mailed to GBNP within 3 days of receipt of material and include a photograph. No claims will be considered without notification of a problem within this 3 day window, including dormant material. Credit will not be given to plants that have been repotted or planted out. 



All cancellations must be received in writing, preferably through email at least 10 business days in advance of delivery. We will confirm receipt of your cancellation. If you do not receive confirmation, you cannot be sure your request was received. Orders cancelled or reduced within 10 days of shipment may incur a 20% restocking fee and box fee if shipment has already been boxed. 


Plant Orders that Cannot be Filled

All orders are subject to natural disasters, crop failures or conditions beyond the control of Great Bear Native Plants. We make every effort to inform you of any pending shortages, as soon as possible. 


Order Claim Disputes

Great Bear Native Plant’s total liability is limited to replacement or credit of purchase price. Any disputed claims will be resolved in the jurisdiction of the state of Montana, in Ravalli County. 


Plants Held Beyond Ship Date

All orders held beyond 30 days of scheduled ship date will incur a 10% surcharge per month or risk of cancellation, unless prior arrangements have been made. Any stock that perishes during this time is the responsibility of the customer(s). 


Restocking Fees and Returns

Restocking fees apply to orders that are refused at delivery, cancelled within 10 days of scheduled ship date, not picked up, or returned for other reasons other than damage or defect. 



Prices are subject to change. We will honor all prices on acknowledged orders.