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Pollinator & Wildlife Plant

Webpages to visit:

Xerces Society | Pollinator PartnershipHomegrown National Park

Waterwise Plant Information

These out of state guides have been included on this page because they contain great information that can be applied throughout the Western US. Enjoy!

Lawn removal

How do I get rid of my lawn and create wildlife habitat?

Manual Removal

For small areas, we recommend removing sod by hand. 
In this video, she demonstrates using a sod cutter, but you can also use a flat edged shovel

Sheet Mulching

If you're working with a larger space, or don't have the time and energy to remove sod manually, you can also consider smothering it using cardboard or solarizing it using black plastic

Other Options

For large areas you can consider renting a sod cutter or working with a landscaper. 

In general, we don't recommend using herbicides to remove an entire lawn. In an effort to reduce reliance on and exposure to harmful chemicals, we recommend using herbicides for spot treatments and noxious weeds


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