Many of our plants leave the safe, warm Great Bear Nursery and end up out in the big wide world as a part of some amazing projects! We highlighted a few of the projects our plants are a part of here. 

Montana Avenue Planters

Photos courtesy of Billing Parks & Recreation 

Project Location: Downtown Billings, MT

Project Owner: City of Billings 

Project Description: The Billings Parks & Recreation Department installed roadside planters along a major city thoroughfare. Planters help beautify the area while also providing important urban pollinator habitat. They chose a hardy mix of perennial forbs that bring colorful little slices of the Montana prairie straight to the city!

Plants used in this project:

  • Gailardia aristata (blanketflower) 

  • Campanula rotundifolia (harebell) 

  • Dalea species (prairie clover)

  • Geum triflorum (prairie smoke) 

  • Liatris punctata (dotted gayfeather) 

  • Mimulus lewisii (purple monkeyflower) 

  • Mirabilis multiflora (Colordao four O'Clock) 

  • Penstemon species

  • Ratibida columnifera (prairie coneflower)

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Wetland Islands (name of project?)

Photos courtesy of Watershed Consulting, LLC

Project Location: ?

Project Owner: ?

Project installed by: Watershed Consulting LLC

Project Description: Using BioHaven technology from Floating Island International, Watershed Consulting installed a mix of wetland plants onto self-sustaining wetland islands. These little communities will grow into mature wetland habitat that can support local wildlife and provide a water purifying benefit for the local community. 

Plants used in this project:

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