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This expanded plant pack delivers a rainbow of blooms for the sunny, dry spot where nothing wants to grow!


Plot Size: 100 sq ft

Soil Type: Well draining

Soil Moisture: Medium-Dry

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

# Plants: 38

# Species: 12

Hardy to Zone 4


Plants included:

(2) Fringe Sage, Artemisia frigida

(6) Blue Grama, Bouteloua gracilis

(3) Cutleaf Daisy, Erigeron compositus 

(3) Maximillian Sunflower, Helianthus maximiliani

(6) Prairie Junegrass, Koeleria macrantha

(3) Dotted Gayfeather, Liatris punctata

(1) Silvery Lupine, Lupinis sericeus

(2) Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Penstemon strictus

(3) Pineleaf Penstemon, Penstemon pinifolius

(3) Bluebunch Wheatgrass, Psuedoroegneria spicata

(3) Prairie Coneflower, Ratibida columnifera

(3) Munroe’s Globemallow, Sphaeralcea munroana


Plants are grown in 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" square pot unless otherwise noted.


In addition to your plants, each Water-Wise Plant Pack comes with a detailed description of each plant and a sample design. Plus, 12% of proceeds will be donated back to our partner, the Bitterroot Water Partnership.

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