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Orders and Shipping Information

Orders can be sent directly to Mike or Aimee via phone call or email.

An email with species, quantity, and size is preferred.


Minimums and Order Quantities

  • Orders under $500 are subject to a 10% handling fee

  • Quarts are sold in flats of 10

Credit Card Sales

Credit card orders are subject to a 3% surcharge


  • Invoicing occurs at time of shipment. Terms are Net 15, unless otherwise negotiated 

  • A propagation deposit fee may be required

  • Direct sales with the public are required to pay at time of order confirmation



In order to keep costs low and reduce our impact, we reuse many of our containers and trays. It is the customer's responsibility to return all items to GBNP within 45 days of shipping (unless otherwise arranged with GBNP.) If you are unable to return containers and trays in a timely manner, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the items. 

Containers to return: 7ci, 10ci, 16ci, 25ci, 40ci, 60ci, Tall #1 (4X)

We will also reuse Quart, #1, #2, #3, and #5 containers and trays that are plain black and in good condition. QT trays must hold 10 pots. 


7ci, 10ci, 16ci, 25ci, 40ci plants can be shipped via UPS; quarts,#1's, and larger cannot. 

In-house deliveries

We do in-house deliveries to the following areas. Deliveries may be cancelled due to weather or load size

  • Greater Gallatin

  • Billings

  • Helena

  • Western Montana (from Flathead to the Bitterroot)

  • Boise and Southern Idaho

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