This plant pack features our favorite native plants for a location with partial or dappled sunlight. Soft blues, pinks, purples and white, with a dash of yellow and red, create a soothing garden that will also support native animals and require minimal water.


Plot Size: 100 sq ft

Soil Type: Well draining

Soil Moisture: Medium

Sun Exposure: Part sun/shade

# Plants: 36

# Species: 11

Hardy to Zone 4


Plants included:

(3) Nettleleaf Giant Hyssop, Agastache urticifolia

(3) Red columbine, Aquilegia canadensis

(3) Harebells, Campanula rotundifolia

(3) Idaho fescue, Festuca idahoensis

(3) Wild Strawberry, Fragaria virginiana

(3) Prairie Smoke, Geum triflorum 

(3) Roundleaf Alumroot, Heuchera cylindrica

(1) Oregon grape, Mahonia repens

(2) Wild Mint, Mentha arvensis

(3) Small Flowered Penstemon, Penstemon procerus

(3) Cutleaf Coneflower, Rudbeckia laciniata

(3) Common Blue Violet, Viola sororia


Plants are delivered as 7ci  and 10ci "cone-tainers" unless otherwise noted. 

In addition to your plants, each Waterwise Plant Pack comes with a detailed description of each plant and a sample design. Plus, 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Bitter Root Water Forum to support their initiatives for Water in the Bitterroot for Farms, Fish, and Families.

Shady Plants for Cool People (large) - Plants for Partial Shade