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Do you need plants for harsh site? This is your pack! Hot Pocket 2.0 is inspired by our most popular pack of the same name. There are some repeater species but several new ones as well, so this will pair well with a pre-existing Hot Pocket pack! Of course, these plants can hold their own without their predecessor. 


Plot Size: 50-75sq ft

Soil Type: Well draining

Soil Moisture: Dry

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

# Plants: 20

# Species: 8

Hardy to Zone 4

Recommended spacing: 18" - 30" pending plot size and desired density


Plants included:

(3) Achnatherum hymenoides, Indian Ricegrass

(3) Bouteloua gracilis, Blue Grama

(3) Erigeron compositus, Cutleaf Daisy

(3) Liatris punctata, Dotted Blazing Star

(1) Mirabilis multiflora, Desert Four O'Clock

(1) Oenthera caespitosa, Tufted Evening Primrose

(3) Penstemon eatonii, Firecracker Penstemon

(3) Ratibida columnifera, Prairie Coneflower


Also available from the Water Wise Store: 

  • Bitterbrush
  • Fringe Sage
  • Great Basin Sagebrush
  • Rubber Rabbitbrush

*any of these shrubs would be a good add to your Hot Pocket 2.0 pack!


Plants are delivered as 7ci  and 10ci "cone-tainers" unless otherwise noted. 

In addition to your plants, each Water-Wise Plant Pack comes with a detailed description of each plant and a sample design.


Plus, $8 will be donated to the Bitterroot Water Partnership to support their initiatives for Water in the Bitterroot for Farms, Fish, and Families. 

Your purchase of a plant pack will be doing TRIPLE duty to conserve our local environment by reducing water use, providing food and shelter to wildlife, and supporting our local watershed group the Bitterroot Water Partnership. 

Hot Pocket 2.0

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