Thanks for your interest in buying and planting native plants! 
Don't forget to visit and support the amazing independent garden centers and landscapers who carry our product. See the list here.
Not sure what to order? We've got you covered with pre-planned Water Wise Plant Packs and custom seed mixes. These curated garden packs are designed to help you establish a beautiful, low water-use garden with a recommended planting plan and a detailed description of each plant. Plus 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Bitter Root Water Forum!

How to buy plants from us:
1. Use the Excel spreadsheet below to place an order. Please provide your full contact info including your mailing address if you plan to have plants mailed.
  • Please name your order: "Order Your Name Date" 
    Example: Order Abe Lincoln 4-13-21

2. Email your completed order to and specify if you plan to pick up or if you need your plants shipped

NOTE: We ship via UPS and charges will be applied at time of shipment. Only 7ci, 10ci and 40ci cone-tainers can be shipped via UPS. Additional charges may apply for plants shipped in their containers. We ship UPS Monday-Wednesday pending our shipping schedule

QTs, #1s, #2, #3s etc are only available for pick up. Pick up is available Wednesday - Friday pending our shipping schedule.  

Minimum quantity per order:

  • For 7 ci, 10ci, # 1s, D40s and D60s customers must order at least 5 per size, per species 

  • For Quarts customers must order at least 10 per species 

See instructions above on how to successfully place an order!