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Availability lists above reflect wholesale prices.

In order to qualify for wholesale prices, you must have a valid business license and currently be operating a business OR place an order that is valued over $1,500 in plant materials.

For small orders in the Bitterroot Valley (Florence and south) please contact Aimee directly.


Minimum quantity per order:

  • For 7 ci, 10ci, # 1s, D40s and D60s customers must order at least 5 per size, per species 

  • For Quarts customers must order at least 10 per species 

7ci - 1.5in diameter and 5.5in depth; they are ideal for pot-ups into QTs and #1’s and are also great for larger outplantings, such as pollinator meadows. 

10ci - 1.5in diameter and 8.25in depth; they are perfect for pot-ups into #1’s and #2’s and larger outplantings or the edges of landscapes. 

D40 - 2.7in diameter and 10in depth; suitable for restoration/reclamation plantings, potting into #3’s-#5’s, field growing, and other landscaping applications

We strongly encourage our customers to become familiar with our full set of terms and conditions.